Friday, November 30, 2012

High Techs Have Latop AC Adapter Thinner

Hope one day every people can use these highly advanced products instead of applying in certain area. If these technology can not commonly used in daily life and improve people's living condition, that is meaningless. In few years, my HP DV6000 AC adapter will be replaced by more convenient product.

Last week, we have introduced several new type laptop AC adapters. They have adopted high technology. Not like my HP pavilion DV6000 AC adapter charger, it's so pump. In the new future, not only the laptop adapter will get thinner and more advanced. That is the same to the laptop LCD screen, the keyboard, the battery and the mouse. Who knows it will be? Thus many users has their expectation of the future laptop computers. Here share some practical usage of it.

Besides the battery, the LCD screen is also another part to improve its quality. Not like the HP pavilion DV9000 AC adapter 90W, LCD screen is more dedicated. And many companies explore its portability, power consumption and display performance. As to its characteristic and function, it's more difficult to invent a better display to replace the current LCD screen. Including organic light-emitting diode (LCDS) is the most interesting replacement to the manufacturers, for it may become a good replacement of LCD screen. LCDS uses a light-emitting organic material. When the charge can be issued through the light, and it's no longer need the backlight for illumination. But LCDS technology has just started, a lot of infrastructure facilities are yet to be established, including large manufacturers and so on. Some researchers are also working on a laser beam through the image directly into the eyes. That is to say, as long as one eye or two eyes wear a small device on a monitor, it can be a display. Does that sound interesting?

Like this HP pavilion DV6000 AC adapter charger, the battery plays the same role with the laptop adapter. the most and biggest expectation of the future battery is the capacity and the weight. Years ago, there are fuel cells which can work for 40 hours without stop.  But whether it can be used in the laptop is still under experiment. This news is really inspiring for laptop users. If this material can be commonly used in the laptop, I have no need to carry the HP DV6000 AC adapter with me outside.

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