Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do you know what the Output of the Laptop AC Adapter?

When your laptop AC adapter was dead and you can't use it any more, you have to buy a new one. But don't throw the damaged adapter away at once and try to check the information on the back of the adapter carefully and write down the information which you consider is needed when you buy a new one, such as the part number and the output. You can easily understand that the part number is needed. Because if the part number is not compatible with the new adapter you want to buy, the new adapter can't work well with your laptop.

Commonly, you can find a suitable adapter whose output is the same to your old adapter with the part number or the model of your laptop. This is the best thing. However, sometimes you can't find such a good adapter with part number or the model of your laptop. If so, you need to know the output of the old adapter. But you may doubt why the output is needed and why should the difference of the output be within 1V/1A? For example, if the output of your original old adapter is 19V/3.42A, you can use the adapter with output 18V/2.42A and 20V/4.42A. If output of the new adapter is much higher than the old one, it may be damaged in a short time, that is to say, the life of the higher adapter is not long. And if the output of the new adapter is too low, it can't power on your laptop. So the output of the old adapter is needed. Before you throw it away, remember to write it down. The output is needed when you buy a replacement laptop AC adapter. Please pay much attention to it if your old adapter can't work any longer.

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