Friday, November 30, 2012

WoW, Put Laptop AC Adapter Charger in Pocket

Laptop AC adapter charger looks ordinary but at implication there are many drawbacks.  We have to pay more attention in the practical application. In order to enjoy the convenience and minimize unnecessary cost, we should ensure the stability of the original adapter. at present, the AC adapter market is more and more prosperity. And it's bound to decrease the price of the AC adapter and perfect the performance. Thus it's easy to say than to do. I am looking forward to the high-tech AC adapter in a few years. Then I won't worry about my half kilo Dell PA-1900-02D2 AC adapter Charger.

When people enjoy the advantage of laptop, it seems that the disadvantage is more and more obvious. Besides the overheating of the AC adapter, the performance and so on, here will post the simple problem and that many people are annoyed with it. That is the weight of the AC adapter. For those high power adapters like this PA-1900-02D2 AC adapter, it’s heavier than the 65W adapter. I wonder when will we put the adapter in the pocket. That is real portable.

Generally, the standard weight of the laptop is around one fourth kilo or more than that. Who would like to carry one more 500g AC adapter by hand? Although the size is not large, it’s always a drag to carry with. As the main advantage of notebook computer is the portability, this adapter, in other way, played an award role as an essential part of the laptop. Then how to get rid of the shackles of the AC adapter? I usually browse the website and collect the information of the laptop AC adapter. There are some information of the ultra-thin laptop AC adapters invented recently. And the function extended to multi-electronic adapter, besides its tiny size. It will become the promising trend of the future laptop AC adapter. Like this Dell PA-1900-02D2 AC adapter, it's a challenging job to carry it back and forth between home and company. It's really release my shoulders if the tiny AC adapter can perform as this stone-like AC adapter.

Now I have to prepare a replacement for my laptop as I couldn't carry the adapter with me every day. Then the online store is the frequently visited place for me. Until now I can't afford the high price of the recent ultra-thin AC adapter. Hope one day I can put the AC adapter in my pocket.

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