Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It Is So Cool The Mobile Digital Pen

The new generation smart digital pen is a combination of Israeli, PEGASUS TECHNOLOGY characteristic of the two-dimensional localization and tracking TECHNOLOGY, the use of ultrasound and infrared receiving and launch induction and its characteristic of the software, to process the signals and positioning, and with the computer, personal digital processing equipment. Through a special digital pen (the traditional electronic ink) and receiving unit, let users can write and draw on plain white paper. When users are writing and drawing at the same time, the receiving unit will capture digital pen mobile generated by the relative position, and store the records (when used alone). If connected to the computer use, wireless pen can when the mouse or the written content through the reception unit on the screen corresponding to the position of the written content.

The use of the digital pen does bring a new revolution of the input device, allowing users even without the computer, as long as there is a digital pen and paper, you can easily write drawing, and record. Its application is no longer confined to professional computer users or ideas creatives, digital pen handwriting input device product applications to different age groups and the broader needs of use, as long as there are writing/drawing requirements, digital pen will be a very convenient tool. Whether meeting, take notes in class, engineer drawing/computing formula, a digital pen provided by the light and convenient use, is unmatched by other handwritten device. If you use it to laptop screen, you must make sure, your laptop is power on,otherwise you need to get a new charger for your laptop(The exact model is dell pa-12 ac adapter)

The digital pen has some feature:
1. Converts writing/drawings on paper into digital content in mobile internet era freely
2. PC/Mac Solution (Compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS X)
3. Working Mode 
4. Smart Phone (Windows Mobile, Google Android, BlackBerry), MID (Mobile Internet Device) Solution.
5. Annotates Microsoft Office document.
6. Annotates digital photos

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