Monday, December 3, 2012

It Is Time to Replace SADP-65KB AC Adapter

Maybe for a beginner, when replacing a Acer SADP-65KB B AC Adapter, the first thing he link is "How can I get all these wires hooked back up?" At this time, you just need to remember that all the wires are interchangable. There's no potential risk of turning the plugs backwards. After the wires are unhooked from the drives and motherboard, you take out the four screws which hold the AC adapter to the back of the case, and ease it out. Put the new one in, tighten up the screws, and hook up the wires.

Now are you in doubt about your SADP-65KB AC adapter? If so, you may think of replacing it. And usually there are two primary times when people think of doing this action.

First of all, if your SADP-65KB AC adapter starts acting up, it is time to replace that. Usually there is no warning when this happens. One failure may be that the AC adapter's fan to quit. If your laptop tends to run hotter than before, the CPU could be damaged. And if you find that your fan stops, you should save your data and turn off the laptop at once. Then it is possible that your laptop will be saved. You just need to replace your AC adapter. That is OK. There is one important point you should keep in mind. That is, please do NOT try to change the fan itself, or open up an AC adapter for any reason. All you need to do is that replace the whole unit.

Second, let us suppose that your laptop is depending on a 350 watt AC adapter. Then 450 watts would be in order, particularly if any future changes are a possibility, such as moving up to a high end graphics card. You should remember that today's fastest processors can take 100 watts all by themselves. Graphics cards are equally power hungry. So you have to want more power available than your laptop will actually use. For example, if your laptop requires only 370 watts from a 450 watt supply, then that is all it will use. The extra 80 watts will simply be there if you need it. This case is the same with SADP-65KB AC adapter. If yours is not the truth, then it is time to replace it

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