Monday, December 3, 2012

How to choosing and Maintenance Gateway PA-1650-02 AC Adapter?

If your laptop needs 45W, then either the 60W or 90W will work OK. If your laptop needs 80W then you will need the 90W one as the 75W one will not be powerful enough. If in doubt please email us on our contacts page. Once you have selected you Brand and Model from the Search Wizard it will display the compatible PA-1650-02 AC Adapter under the product column. Once you have clicked on the battery you will be redirected to the page displaying alllt he information about the Gateway PA-1650-02 Adapter. Click on the photo of the PA-1650-02 Adapter to enlarge the image and view the tip dimensions to ensure they are similar to your original PA-1650-02 Adapter tip dimensions.

Before purchasing an PA-1650-02 Adapter you need to make sure make the PA-1650-02 Adapter will give you the correct voltage and suitable current output. PA-1650-02 Adapter Use and Maintenance Correct methods of operation are: first AC adapter DC output plug into the notebook’s power jack, and then put into the AC input plug on 220V AC power outlet; and should be unloaded first when the AC input plug unplug, And then pull out the DC output plug.

The Voltage must be within 10% of your original Gateway PA-1650-02 Adapter Voltage. The Amps may be higher but they cannot by lower.If you are purchasing a universal Acer ADP-65HB AC Adapter or Car Charger you will need to work out the Watts of your original Gateway PA-1650-02 Adapter and select the universal PA-1650-02 Adapter or Car Charger with the same Watts or next highest Wattage.

If the plug (unloaded) when reversing the sequence of the adapter will communicate Department unladen state, are not allowed to communicate Department adapter no-load state, for his work on the pulse, and no-load when the switch transformer windings to generate highly anti-peak voltage breakdown, such as IC, capacitor, such as ac adapter voltage-sensitive components. Although the current AC adapter has been set up its no-load protection circuit, but because of the design is required to look up to other problems, such protection circuit protective effect is very limited To find out the voltage & current, turn your laptop over and look for a label, sticker or writing which shows the voltage and current, it should look something like the examples below. The voltage figure will have a “V” after the number i.e 19V and the current will have a “A” or “mA”. i.e 3.15A.

You can also find these shown on your original Gateway PA-1650-02 Adapter if you have it. You can work out the Wattage by multiplying the Voltage by the Amps i.e 20V X 3A = 60 Watts. There is no 60 Watt Acer PA-1650-02 Adapter so you will need to select the next step up which is the 70 Watt Gateway PA-1650-02 Adapter. PLEASE NOTE: If the wattage requirement for your laptop is lower than the 60W or 90W output of the adapter, it will not damage your laptop, your laptop will only take the amount of power it requires. I.E.

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